Czinamon Glass Jewelry

Colours coming alive by the light!

The magic coming alive by the colours!

What you find here:


Individual pieces of jewelry designed and made by me.  Unique pieces, you won’t find two pieces alike. Glassware also designed individually, that you won’t see anywhere else. Quality materials, quality work with warranty. Costumer satisfaction is very important to me. I want the owner of my jewelry or home ornaments to be happy with their items that last for a lifetime.


So why Czinamon?


Because my name is Monika Judith Czina. It’s an acronym of my name but also very similar to cinnamon which is one of my favorite spices. Cinnamon used to be a luxury used mainly for holiday feasts. As cinnamon was treated like treasure and was tied to the holiday atmosphere I hope my jewelry will fill the wearer’s heart with love like a home baked cinnamon cake or pastry fills the house with it’s wonderful fragrance, and they will treasure it as ancient people treasued cinnamon.

I am a glass designer. Ever since my childhood my thoughts always revolved around fine arts. During high school I found the Gaál Imre Studio in Pesterzsébet where I was inspired by my teacher, László Morvai – the course now bears his name. It gave me wonderful memories that I wil treasure forever and the group still operates and trains great artists.

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My other website: Czinamon Glass Art

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